iPad 2012 on sales in Vietnam: official

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iPad 2012 on sales in Vietnam: official

Three chosen Vietnamese distributors, so-called Apple Premium Resellers, have started to sell the Ipad 2012 tablet in the local market.

iPad A customer tries the new iPad at Apple's flagship store in New York on March 16. A top Chinese official on Tuesday sided with a Chinese firm involved in a legal battle with Apple over the iPad trademark, suggesting the US giant could lose the right to use the iconic name in China. Photo: AFP

Nearly two months after the official launch in the world markets, the 3rd generation of the Apple Inc’s tablet is now available at stores of FPT, Future World and iCenter (Jel), according to Apple ’s official website.

But the prices of the latest version of the tablet, also running the newest iOS, are different, said newswire Vnexpress.

The prices at the iStore Premium system under FPT are VND11.9 million, VND14.19 million and VND14.49 million for the versions with Wifi connection and 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB internal memory respectively. For the version with 4G connectivity, the respective prices are VND15.59 million, VND17.69 and VND20.19 million.

Meanwhile, the respective prices offered by Future for the versions with Wifi connection are VND11.69 million, VND13.78 and VND16.15 million. The prices for the versions with 4G connectivity are VND15.24 million, VND17.33 million and VND19.75 million.

The prices at iCenter (Jel) are equivalent to the Future World.

All the aforementioned prices are inclusive of value added tax. Genuine products will get full warranty in accordance with Apple's standard worldwide.

Local technological newswire Tinhte.vn, however, said the price tags at the three places are the same for all the versions.

The prices of the genuine products are a little higher today compared to the rumor a few days ago and also higher than those sold unofficially as they can evade tax imposition.

The unofficial prices of the new iPad have narrowed down to the floor price with VND11.5 million for the cheapest Wi-Fi version. The respective prices for the 4G connection versions are VND13.9-14.2 million, VND15.9 million and VND18.2 million.

A representative of FPT told Vnexpress that the first batch of about 500 tablets had been shipped to Vietnam, half of which had already been booked through online and telephone channels.

The representatives of the distributors said the disadvantage in price will be offset by the post-sales policy, warranty, and customer care services.

Apple recently said that sales in China are booming , and Apple is making inroads into the Asian country more quickly, according to a report from Beijing Business Today newspaper.

According to the report, Apple's Q2/2012 sales have tripled from the same quarter last year, and China now accounts for 20 percent of Apple's global revenue, up from 2 percent in 2009.

Thus far in fiscal year 2012, Apple's China sales reached $12.4 billion, a figure that almost matches the $13 billion in China sales the company reported for all of 2011.

It's not only the iPhone and iPad that's doing well; MacBook sales have also jumped 60 percent since the device first made its Chinese debut.

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