Young woman turns into 70-year-old lady

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Young woman turns into 70-year-old lady

VietNamNet Bridge – A 26-year-old woman in the southern province of Ben Tre has become an old lady after several years of taking allergic medicines.

Phuong of five years ago.
This is the tragedy of Nguyen Thi Phuong, 26, from Giong Trom town, Giong Trom district of Ben Tre province.

Phuong is allergic with seafood. In 2008, after eating seafood, she suffered from serious allergy. Her husband, Nguyen Thanh Tuyen, 34, bought allergic medicines from a local pharmacy for Phuong. The young woman took the medicines for several days but they were ineffective. Tuyen took his wife to a local doctor, who said Phuong was diagnosed with dermatitis and wrote out a prescription for a week.

However, Phuong had hives on her face after taking the medicines. She stopped using the drug and saw an Oriental doctor in Giong Trom town.

After that, she saw many Oriental doctors and took different kinds of medicines to cure liver disease. Using Oriental medicines for six months without effectiveness, Phuong turned to Chinese traditional medicines. Herb doctors still insisted that Phuong contacted liver disease and gave her medicines for liver diseases. The woman took Chinese traditional medicines for two months.

Phuong’s disease did not ease up. She had to wear mask whenever she left home since 2009. Tuyen had to quit job to take care of his wife. Being out of money, she has stopped taking any medicine since 2009. Phuong has never gone to any big hospital in HCM City.

Phuong now looks like a 70-year-old woman. Her neighbors and relatives could only recognize her through her voice.

Phuong said she is still healthy. Only the skin from her stomach up to her face has aged. “I do not have any child but my stomach skin looks like I have had several children,” she said.

Phuong said she saw a doctor in September for stomachache examination and knew that she suffers early aging.

“Though I look old and ugly, my husband still loves me,” Phuong said.

Doctor Mai The Trach, former Chairman of the HCM City Endocrine Association, said that Phuong does not suffer from early aging, because she only looks old but does not have any symptom of age. Specifically, her memory is very good. Biological functions of her internal organs are also normal.

The doctor said perhaps Phuong is poisoned by medicines and she must go to the HCM City Dermatology and Venerology Hospital or the Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi for examination.

Phuong today and her husband.
Doctor Vo Thi Bach Suong and Nguyen Hoai Nam from the HCM City Medical University said that perhaps Phuong is a victim of corticoid. Her skin got old because she took medicines with corticoid for a long time and then suddenly stopped using it.

Doctor Tang Ha Nam from Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital in HCM City, doctor Huynh Huy Hoang from the HCM City Dermatology and Venereology Hospital also confirmed that Phuong’s case is not early aging and corticoid is the reason.

Dr. Do Trung Quan from Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital said it is possible that Phuong was allergic with medicines.

Doctor Yen Lam Phuc from the Military Hospital said that medicine allergy cannot cause aging so quickly like Phuong’s case. He said Phuong may suffer from an endocrine or genetic disorder.

However, this case must be examined carefully, doctors said.


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