Young contestants impress in talent show

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Young contestants impress in talent show

Audiences of Vietnam’s Got Talent’s third semi-final night, which was broadcast on Sunday, were impressed by the pure and emotional performances of the show’s young contestants.

Nguyen Thanh Truc 8-year-old Nguyen Thanh Truc performing the song 'Con Co' on the stage of Vietnam's Got Talent's third semi-final night Photo: Tuoitre

8-year-old girl Nguyen Thanh Truc, who dazzled audiences in the qualifier round with her strong voice in the song “H’Ren Len ray” (H’Ren Goes To The Field), continued to surprise people with her confident and cute performance of the song “Con Co” (The Egret).

“I want to sing this song for my father since he’s always by my side,” Truc said.
Originally performed by famous singer Tung Duong, the song is a contemporary folk song which is considered hard to sing.

“You will definitely be famous!” emcee Quyen Linh commented after Truc finished singing.

For her part, judge Thuy Hanh said she loved the performer since the performance excited her greatly.

“In this year’s Vietnam’s Got Talent, you’re like a small fish swimming upstream. How brave you are for competing with other older contestants! Even your costume today is very stylish,” Thanh Loc, another judge, complimented.

“You sing like a professional singer and I think Tung Duong will want to sing with you to form a perfect couple on stage,” he added.

Musician Huy Tuan, the most hard-to-please judge of the panel, said she’s even better than a professional singer.

“I saw many professional singers overwhelmed by such a magnificent orchestra,” he shared. “But today you seem like you override everyone on the stage,” he added.

Another young contestant who also fascinated audiences and the jury that night was Nguyen Thai Hoang, who seemed to sing with all his soul the everlasting song “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers.

“This is my mother’s favorite song. I want to give it to her as well as all of the audiences who have supported me,” Hoang said.

Though he didn’t sing particularly skillfully, the 16-year-old boy convinced musician Huy Tuan with his own style. “Your singing is different since it’s emotional,” he said. I’ve heard many covers of this song, but you’re the one who knows how to make the song your song. That’s what convinces me.”

“You changed a lot from the qualifier round,” Thuy Hanh commented, “I just have one thing to say: today I’m satisfied with you performance.”

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