Xoan singing officially becomes world heritage this month

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Xoan singing officially becomes world heritage this month

Northern Vietnam’s traditional Xoan Singing will officially become one of UNESCO’s intangible heritages this month after its dossier was submitted to the intergovernmental agency for recognition last April.

xoan Xoan singing artirts performing at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology Photo: Tuoitre

At a cultural event titled “Back to The Lands of Traditional Festival” to be held from February 18 to promote the tourism potential of the three northern provinces of Phu Tho, Yen Bai and Lao Cai, UNESCO’s representative will confer the certification, confirmingthat Xoan singing is among the worldheritages urgently in need of protection and preservation.

Xoan Singing is a type festive music that has been performed during spring festivals and for worshiping genies in Phu Tho Province for hundreds of years.

Cultural activities including Hung King's death anniversary ceremony, Xoan singing contests and tours to local historic and cultural landscapes will also be held during the event.

The program’s organizer also said they are researching for submitting a dossier on Hung King worship costumes to UNECO for recognition of world intangible heritage.

Vietnam now has five world intangible heritages – Hue’s Royal Court Music, Space of Gong Culture in the Central Highlands, Bac Ninh Folk Music, Giong Festival, and Chamber Music.

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