Workshop on nuclear consultancy opens in Hanoi

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A workshop to discuss consultancy for lawmaking on nuclear issues in Vietnam was held in Hanoi on March 8.

Organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the event attracted the participation of scientists and experts from Russia, France, Japan, the US, the Republic of Korea, Germany and the UK.

It provided lawmaking agencies of Vietnam with a chance to get more information and experience in the building of a necessary framework for foreign consultants to support Vietnam’s activities in the field of nuclear energy.

Speaking at the workshop, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Le Dinh Tien highlighted the importance of atomic energy for mankind, noting that unlike fossil energy, which becomes exhausted, nuclear electricity has ongoing potential.

Deputy Minister Tien said nuclear electricity contributes to reducing atmosphere pollution and the greenhouse effect, which cause global climate change. He added that nuclear electricity has developed and become an important part of the electricity generation sector in many countries.

The Deputy Minister expressed his hope that shared issues in the workshop will help lawmakers, investors and managers as well as experts on nuclear electricity of Vietnam gain experience towards implementing the nuclear power project in the central province of Ninh Thuan, which was approved by the National Assembly of Vietnam in November, 2009.

At the event, participants also introduced their country’s legal systems on nuclear issues and presented the main challenges for lawmaking agencies in countries where nuclear electricity programmes are being introduced.

Under the national electricity development planning, the first nuclear power plant of Vietnam will become operational by 2020.

The total capacity of nuclear power is expected to reach 10,700 MW by 2030, accounting for 10.1% of total capacity of power generation of the country.


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