Working as hired learners – students’ new way of making money

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Working as hired learners – students’ new way of making money

Going to school to fulfill contractual obligations prove to be a risky job for students. However, they can bring the sums of money big enough to help students live and continue studying.

The ad pieces about learning services flooding the websites show the high demands from both service providers and users.

“I can attend school on behalf of others, if the schools are located in the inner city. It would be preferable if these are baking & finance or economics classes. The service fee is negotiable, about 300,000 dong a month. I am 19 years old, now a second year university student. The service is excellent. Please contact Meosuttc23@...,” an ad piece reads.

The service users are the young girls, who have to go to school but also have to stay at home to take care for children, or the pets, who only like playing and do not like going to school. They need to have someone who can be present at the roll call, do exercises for them. As such, the hired learning service has come out.

Do Thi Mai, former student of the Trade University, said she still has not found a job over the last three years. However, Mai still can live well in the city and bide her time, because she has a good job.

Every day, Mai goes to school, but not to study for herself, but for others to make money. Mai regularly receives good orders and can earn the sums of money big enough to feed herself. Especially, the income is so good that Mai now does not think of looking for another job that fits her trained major.

Mai can earn 3 million dong a month, the income equal to the monthly salary of a new officer with university degree. Mai receives so many orders that she passes the opportunities to her friends, so that they can stay in the big city to look for suitable jobs.

Hired learners can live well in Hanoi, because lecturers do not remember names and faces of their students. Therefore, service providers just need to be present at the roll call and stay there until the lessons finish.

Meanwhile, other students can earn money with a very easy job – working as sham tutor. Minh Thu, a student of the Labor Union University, related that she is private tutoring to an 11th grade student. Quy, the learner, told Thu that she does not have to attend private tutoring hours, but asked Thu to come to see her every day, just to do home exercises for Thu.

“My parents force me to have extra learning hours. But I feel too tired of learning. If you disclose the truth, I would tell my mother to sack you,” she threatened.

Thu accepts the proposal of the student, coming to see the student every day to do exercises for Thu and get salary at the end of every month.

Thu knows that the job is risky for her. If one day the secret is discovered, she may be sued for cheating. However, Thu has no other choice, because she needs money to feed herself to stay in the big city, where everything is expensive.

Professional hired learners whisper in each other’s ears that it would be better to get orders from high ranking officials or businessmen, because they are rich and can pay high.

The people want to follow training courses to obtain more degrees to polish their images. However, as they are holding important positions at their agencies and businesses, they are always very busy and do not have time to attend school. Therefore, they would rather to spend money to hire someone to attend school for them.

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