Work starts on Cua Viet Victory Monument

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At the ground-breaking ceremony

The 8,100 square metre structure will be built at a total cost of VND20 billion (US$960,000).

The monument is located in the historical area of Quang Tri where regular soldiers, local people and the armed forces won the glorious victory of Cua Viet in January 1973, thereby smashing the US and Sai Gon government’s plan to sabotage the Paris Peace Accords on ending the war and restoring peace in Vietnam, which were signed on January 27, 1973.

The construction symbolises the gratitude of today’s generations to the heroic martyrs who bravely fought and scarified their lives for national independence and reunification. It also aims to educate the younger generations about the revolutionary tradition, patriotism, and national construction and defence.

Earlier, Nhan Dan Newspaper and Quang Tri province jointly organised a seminar entitled ‘The Cua Viet Victory in 1973’ to highlight the victory’s great significance and importance as well as to honour the courage, bravery and heroism exhibited by the national army and people during those days.

The organising board also launched a public campaign at the seminar to raise funds for the construction of the Cua Viet Victory Monument.

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