“Wilfred Burchett and Vietnam” photo exhibition opens in Hanoi

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“Wilfred Burchett and Vietnam” photo exhibition opens in Hanoi

100 photos about Vietnam taken by Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett will be displayed at an exhibition, entitled “Wilfred Burchett and Vietnam”, at the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi from September 14th to October 4th to mark Wilfred Burchett’s 100th birthday and to introduce his photo book about Vietnam.

Wilfred Burchett’ meets President Ho Chi Minh

The displayed photos, selected from three of Wilfred Burchett’s photo albums about Vietnam “the northern side of the 17 parallel” (from 1954 to 1955), “guerrilla warfare – the stories from inside the revolutionary bases” (from 1963 to 1964) and “The North Vietnam” (in 1966). These photos reflect the daily life of the Vietnamese people at war and in peace time and the love and friendship of the author towards Vietnam.

Journalist Wilfred Burchett, born on September 16th 1922 in Melbourne, Australia and who died on September 27th 1983, is one of the excellent journalists of the 20th century. He once reported and analysed the progress of World War II in China, India and Pacific Ocean area for the London Daily Express.

In Vietnam War, the journalist had many reports about different periods in both the North and the South of Vietnam. In late March 1954, Wilfred Burchett had a meeting with President Ho Chi Minh in a revolutionary base in the northern mountainous Province of Thai Nguyen to review the situation in Indochina. His eight books about Vietnam became bestsellers in Western countries and his articles and documentary films about Vietnam drew world people’s attention in the world and helped arouse the world community against wars in general and the Vietnam war in particular.

The exhibition is organised by Wilfred Burchett’s son, George Burchett.

Source: CPV

Translated by Tran Hoai

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