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Without client surveys or certificates from authorities, many shops in Hanoi claim themselves as selling “the best”, “the cheapest” or “the best of the best” in an effort to attract customers.

The following photos are from VnExpress:

Nowadays, more and more shops in Hanoi hang up ad banners saying slogans like “best quality, cheapest, or most beautiful” in a bid to attract customers who have no way to know which shop is actually the best?

A fashion shop on a small area of 30 meters on Tran Hung Dao street has three superlative words “cheapest, most beautiful, and most diversified”. The shop staff say recognition doesn’t come from a client survey but their personal judgment

Particularly on Cau Giay street, there are five shops claiming to sell the “cheapest” products with 50% sale off. Who knows?

Various kinds of products are often named “the cheapest” like fashion, high-tech products and especially SIM cards.

Again, “the cheapest prices”…

However, prices change every day, so it’s very difficult for customers to look for the cheapest products. This shop hangs up a banner saying “Cheapest SIM cards”, but they sell a Viettel SIM at the cost of VND40,000 each, more expensive than that of other shops.

An eyeglass store on Ba Trieu street doesn’t hesitate to claim their products as the “top in the world” (banner on the left) and “number one in Vietnam”

A gas shop with the slogan “cannot be better”

The banner reads: “The price cannot be better”. According to many enterprises, shops without certificates issued by authorities have yet to gain the public trust.

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