What gift to give on the Teachers’ Day?

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What gift to give on the Teachers’ Day?

As the country is getting ready to celebrate the Teachers’ Day, the biggest event of the year in honor of Vietnamese educators, many parents choose to express their gratitude to their children’s teachers through the medium of money.

teacher-day Teachers’ Day, the biggest event of the year in honor of Vietnamese educators, falls on November 20

Nguyen Thi Thu in Hoang Mai District in Hanoi told Phu Nu Today newswire that she has consulted many of her neighbors over what to give her children’s teachers on the Teachers’ Day.

“They all choose to present envelops with money inside to their children’s teachers, hoping they will give their children more care and attention,” Thu said.

To show “proper” gratitude to her two kids’ teachers, she has spent almost VND4million (US$200) of her monthly salary.

Vu Xuan Manh living in Cau Giay District in Hanoi has also planned to give about VND6million in envelops to his son’s teachers at an elementary school.

“The gifts for my son’s teachers cost even more than the gifts for my boss on Tet Holiday,” he said.

Though Huong’s daughter is studying in a kindergarten, she too wonders how much money to give the teachers so that her kid can get some special attention from them.
“On Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20), I gave flowers and envelops with money for the teachers. I will probably spend about a million dong on the Teacher’s Day,” Huong shared.

During the times of inflation, the value of each envelop must increase. Last year, parents can put VND500,000 in each envelop but it must be over VND700,000 this year.

As a result, many teachers’ pockets can be overstuffed with thick envelops on this day.

Nguyen Thi H., a first grade teacher at a school in Thanh Xuan District, said last year she could even buy a VND60million Vespa LX motorbike from the money she received on Women’s Day and Teacher’s Day.

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