“We will return to Vietnam”

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“We will return to Vietnam”

(VOV) - “Your country is splendid. The people are lovely and hospitable. Many things have changed.” These are common feelings about Vietnam expressed by French friends.

Many French people and overseas Vietnamese came to Floral Park in Paris on September 30 and October 1 to visit the 'Passion Indochine' festival organised by Vietnam Airlines.

Most were interested in gaining a better understanding about the three countries of Indochina that they had read about in books and magazines, while others wanted to bring back memories from when they stayed and worked in Vietnam.

Mrs Monique had only known Vietnam through films, documentaries and magazines so when she heard about the Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia Cultural and Tourism Festival in Paris she arranged time to visit it. She said she enjoyed the traditional food and watching artists from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia performing traditional dances. She also said she plans to visit Vietnam in the next two years.

Herve Scollan, who has been to Vietnam several times, said he attended the event because it recalled sweet memories of his visit to Vietnam last year. He was delighted with the festival’s atmosphere, saying he remembers Vietnam's beautiful landscapes and friendly, hospitable people.

Eliane Gavelle, whose husband was a veteran of a war in Vietnam, said her husband always told her about his fond memories of Vietnam. She came to Vietnam once and many things surprised her. She said she was very pleased with Vietnam Airlines services and airport procedures. The quality of hotels was as good as anywhere in the world. “I was very surprised there was no trace of the fierce wars and hardship that lasted dozens of years. I feel that everything has been reconstructed,” she said.

However, some visitors at the festival were more reserved. Michel and Marie visited Vietnam in 1996. They said the Vietnamese landscape is very beautiful but few people spoke French so they could not talk much with the local people. However, after coming to the festival they see many things have changed and they said they will return to Vietnam in the future.

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