Vocational schools’ thirst for students getting more serious

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Vocational schools’ thirst for students getting more serious

VietNamNet Bridge – The situation of vocational schools, which have been dragging out a miserable existence for the last many years, has got even worse due to the lack of students. A lot of schools reportedly can enroll 10-20 percent of the number of students needed this year.

Students turn their back to vocational schools

Ha Kim Vong, Headmaster of the Khoi Viet Vocational School, told reporters that his school has been equipped with good teaching aids and material facilities, while it only lacks students. The number of students registering to study at the school has been decreasing dramatically in recent years. In 2008, the school enrolled 615 students, while the number dropped to 390 in 2009 and to 80 in 2010. Especially, no one has registered to follow the training courses to become tour guides.

In 2011, the school planned to enroll 450 students, but it has enrolled only 70 students so far. The school is enrolling students for the new training course to be opened in November. However, to date, it has received only six applications.

The Viet Giao Vocational School has also reported the gradual decreases in the number of students since 2007.

The lack of students for vocational schools has been blamed on the new regulation which allows universities to give vocational training as well.

Dang Thanh Vu, Headmaster of the Viet Giao Vocational School, said that in previous years, his school enrolled 450 students a year on average. Meanwhile, the number of students has decreased since the day when universities began providing vocational training as well.

In 2010, Viet Giao found only 100 students, while it has enrolled only 70 students so far this year, while it needs 500.

“We are now facing big difficulties because we cannot compete with universities in attracting students,” Vu said.

The Saigon 3 Technique and Economics Vocational School has received only 10 applications so far. Meanwhile, the Saigon Tourism Vocational School, which was upgraded into a junior college in 2010, sees better enrolment results, but the number of students has been decreasing in the last few years.

Ngo Thi Quynh Xuan, Headmaster of the school, said that in previous years, the school enrolled 1200-1500 students a year, but it has found less than 900 students so far this year.

Even state owned schools are also facing similar difficulties. Tran Trung Lac, Deputy Headmaster of Nhan Dao Vocational School said that the school only can enroll 85 percent of students needed, which should be seen as a satisfactory figure in the current circumstances.

Tran Thuy Trang, Head of the Training Division of Le Thi Rieng Vocational School, also said that the school can enroll 1/3 of the number of students needed. Despite the lack of students, the school still has to open classes in order to maintain the training branches.

Especially, most of the students, who register to study at vocational schools, have graduated secondary schools, while the number of the students graduating from high schools remains modest.

Vocational schools uncompetitive in comparison with universities

Ha Kim Vong from Khoi Viet School has expressed his worry that he may have to shut down the school because of the lack of students. Meanwhile, Viet Giao School has decided to close one of the two campuses in order to cut down expenses.

Tran Thuy Trang from Le Thi Rieng School said that it is very difficult to attract the students’ attention to vocational schools, because parents and students all want to study at universities instead of vocational schools. Even if students fail the entrance exams to enter universities, they would prefer following vocational training courses at universities than at vocational schools.

Lac has pointed out that in other countries in the world; universities only provide university or higher education level. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, universities can also provide vocational training, which is really an unreasonable mechanism.

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