Vo Chi Cong, brave dedicated revolutionary devoted to Party and nation

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Nhan Dan- Vo Chi Cong (whose real name is Vo Toan), formerly the President of the State Council, Chairman of the National Defence Council and Deputy Prime Minister, passed away on September 8 at the age of 99.

Comrade Vo Chi Cong was born in an intellectual patriotic family in Khuong My village, Tam Xuan I commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province. He took part in youth movements in the early 1930s and joined the Communist Party of Indochina (now the Communist Party of Vietnam) in May 1935. Comrade Vo Chi Cong’s life was always attached to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the nation.

In the years of resistance against French colonialism and American imperialism, comrade Vo Chi Cong, who was forged in the revolutionary struggle overcame many difficulties and challenges. He was arrested, imprisoned and tortured, yet he was undaunted and remained loyal to the revolutionary cause. His revolutionary cause is tied to the Zone 5 battlefield, the site of arduous and fierce battles in the south.

With his leadership experience, revolutionary abilities and great talent, comrade Vo Chi Cong made significant contributions to the cause of national liberation and unity. His revolutionary achievements on the Zone 5 battlefield are recorded in the history of the Quang Nam – Da Nang provincial Party Committee and the heroic revolution of the Central Southern people.

With his vivid revolutionary experiences, comrade Vo Chi Cong made great contributions to national construction and defense after the South’s liberation and the country’s unification, as Deputy Prime Minister, Permanent Member of the Secretariat, President of the State Council and advisor to the Party Central Committee.

In the early stage of the country’s renovation, comrade Vo Chi Cong, as a member of the Politburo and Chairman of the National Council, made contributions to agricultural achievements, renewing economic management, and constitutional amendments. In all his assignments and positions, comrade Vo Chi Cong always strived to do his best and complete his tasks successfully.

Comrade Vo Chi Cong’s death is a loss to the Party, State and people. He has left us an example of a virtuous leader, a practical activist, and a talented and undaunted revolutionary. With all our deep-hearted grief for the loss of comrade Vo Chi Cong, we still willingly follow the revolutionary cause of our Party and people, and continue to promote comprehensive renewal, industrialisation and modernisation in order to reach the goals of a strong country of prosperous people and a democratic, just, civilised nation progressing towards socialism.


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