V-music disasters – indispensable development?

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V-music disasters – indispensable development?

VietNamNet Bridge – Many songs that are strongly criticized and “honored” as “disasters of Vietnamese music”, but they are “top hits” on the Internet or being downloaded mostly as ringtones. Singers also become “famous”. As a result, many more “disasters” are launched.

Singer Phuong My in "Lie" video clip.

More and more V-music disasters have been launched. All of them have the same thing: senseless and foolish lyrics.

Most “famous” songs include: “Dad, you have to choose me or her”, “Unexpectedly, I love one of the same sex”, “Heart of Superman Gao” performed by Hoang AXN, “The idiot makes an offer of marriage”, “The gambler”, “The fate of concubine” performed by Ho Duy Minh, “If you borrow my bike, remember to fill it up” performed by Yuki Huy Nam, “Lie” performed by Phuong My, “Brown Skin” and “Permanent Soul” performed by Phi Thanh Van.

To understand why they are called “disasters”, let’s read the lyrics of “Brown Skin”. This song has only five sentences:

“I live in thirst

I live in wishes

Bring in wishes

Bring in thirst

Brown skin, brown skin, brown skin…”

The remaining “disasters” are the same.

Songwriters discuss this fact.

Songwriter Nguyen Hai Phong: I’ve kept up with the local media, so I know about songs that are called “music disasters”. Actually, I’m not surprised or get shocked of them because I think that the coming of these “disasters” is indispensable in music development in Vietnam.

Many countries in the world experienced the similar period. It was the same in South Korea and Japan around ten years ago.

In Vietnam, we are at the chaotic period. Our music is not formed in a certain shape and doesn’t have a clear trend. However, there will be the time when short-term entertaining and fashionable values will be eliminated when everything gets professional.

“Disasters” are launched massively owing to other reasons; for instance, the taste and knowledge of listeners. At this moment, music listeners don’t have many options, while most of them are popular audiences. Their easy taste has unintentionally “nursed” disasters to sprout.

Moreover, songs can come to audiences very easily through the Internet.

Finally, musicians must partly take responsibility for this situation. However, we can’t blame them because they have to earn their living. Many musicians have to lend a hand for writing and mix “disaster songs”. If their lives are better and they can live well by music, they would not want to do that.

Anyway, I hope that this period will pass very soon so Vietnamese music fans will not have to face such “disasters”.

Singer, songwriter Mai Khoi: It is true that Vietnamese audiences have to suffer many “disasters”. Many songs with unaesthetic and even profane lyrics and melodies are still turned on at many coffee shops or on taxis.

They are popular thanks to the Internet. It is the fact that the bad easily spreads. For the listeners with poor taste for music, such songs are odd and funny so they transmit them, which then become a trend and “disasters” become “hits”.

Some said that young singers who want to be famous intentionally launched “disasters” to attract public attention. I think this opinion is correct.

I think that these “disasters” will affect our audiences’ music taste and the development of Vietnam’s music.

These “disasters” should not be seen as Vietnam’s music. They like antics for the public, not orthodox music.

Linh Pham-Vu Hoang

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