Vietnam’s voice will help bring success to G20 Summit, says RoK Ambassador

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Vietnam’s voice will help bring success to G20 Summit, says RoK Ambassador

Development, one of the four main themes of the G20 Summit that will be taking place on October 11 and 12 in Seoul, Republic of Korea (RoK), is a major concern of developing countries, including Vietnam. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung left Hanoi today for the summit as the ASEAN chairman in 2010 and as a guest of the host. On the occasion, RoK Ambassador Park Suk Hwan talked with a Nhan Dan Online reporter on the eve of the G20 Summit.

- Could you please tell us how the RoK initiated the idea of including development on the summit’s agenda?

Ambassador: Development is one of the four main themes to be discussed at the G20 Summit along with the international co-operation on exchange rate policies, the reform of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the development of a global financial safety net.

Apart from the 20 member countries, this year’s summit will be attended by invited guests Vietnam, Ethiopia, Malawi, Singapore and Spain as well as key international institutions such as the UN, the ILO, the WB, the IMF, the OECD, WTO and FSB.

The reason why the issue of development was chosen to be on the agenda is this summit is not only for developed countries, it will also give developing countries the chance to voice their concerns about global development.

The RoK used to be a very poor country and experienced many hardships during its economic development. Now, as a more developed country, we want to share our experiences with developing countries like Vietnam because we think that a healthy world is a world of equally developed nations. The RoK hopes to play the role as a bridge between countries.

- How will the issue of development be discussed?

We have already met and discussed the issue with leaders of the member countries and they finally agreed to put it on the agenda.

What we are concerned about at this point is how to improve methods of assistance methods. Long-term support is much better than short term because a country needs a long time to develop.

The RoK understands that it’s important to create motivation for developing countries grow further instead of just providing them with capital. Leading world economies should work out concrete plans of action to help less developed countries boost their potential and stand on their own.

The idea is to help under-developed and developing countries progress for their own benefit which will also benefit the global economy as well.

When a developing country becomes developed, its demands will increase and that also benefits developed countries. Therefore, we think that it’s necessary to develop third world countries in order to have equally balanced development around the world.

- So, what’s the plan of action the RoK wants to set up to realise this initiative?

Ambassador: The plan of action concerns measures to accelerate technology transfer to under-developed and developing countries, and modernise their industrial infrastructure in order to help equalise and adjust the imbalances in the global economy.

We also hope to increase the number of meetings with developing countries and organisations providing assistance to establish the most appropriate measures in specific fields that need to be supported in individual developing countries.

The RoK will share experiences in development and will support economic infrastructure development, social welfare, healthcare and human resources training.

- Do you think that this will receive a consensus from all G20 member countries?

Ambassador: The G20 countries approved a plan of action at the Finance Ministers Meeting on October 22 in Gyeongju, RoK, under which a group of G20 members will work together with developing countries to help them achieve sustainable growth. This shows that a consensus was reached to join hands to help developing countries.

What do you expect from Vietnam’s participation in this event?

As ASEAN Chairman, Vietnam will contribute opinions representing the ASEAN bloc which will affirm Vietnam’s and ASEAN’s roles and positions. Vietnam’s voice on the issues will help bring success to the G20 Summit.

A high ranking round of talks on Vietnam –RoK business issues with the participation of 40 leading businesses from both countries will help increase trade and investment in both Vietnam and the RoK.

According the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, Vietnam will contributes ideas on development issues, particularly sustainable growth, human resources, energy security, and narrowing the development gap. Vietnam will also voice an opinion on the role of developing and emerging economies in the process of global economic recovery, reforming international and regional monetary and financial organisations, and the institutionalisation of the participation of organisations and blocs such as ASEAN in the G20 Summit.

By Dieu Thuy

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