Vietnamese-American girl, 10, becomes YouTube hit

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A 10-year old ethnic Vietnamese girl living in Virginia, the US, who plays guitar solos of songs by Trinh Cong Son and other famous musicians, has become a YouTube sensation.

Virginia Nguyen playing Trinh Cong Son's hit Tuoi Da Buon (capture from video)

Virginia Nguyen, who stands no taller than her guitar, performs some of the legendary composer’s most famous songs like Mot coi di ve, Tuoi da buon, and Chi Mai.

She also plays other songs like Pink Floyd’s Another brick on the wall, Bon Jovi’s Living on a prayer, Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, and The Beatles’ Here comes the sun.

On her YouTube profile page she wrote when she joined in July last year: “My name is Virginia and I’ve just turned 10 years old. I'm just a beginner and I learn by myself. I started playing the guitar around one month ago.”

Virginia confesses her guitar skills are “still very bad.”

She has also created a website to share guitar tabs of famous songs.

“I used to ask for tabs [easy-to-read transcribed version for solo guitar] but was refused as they [guitarists] said they mostly improvised.

“Some gave tabs for American songs but only 60 percent was correct and [the tabs] did not resemble what they performed. I listened and rewrote and so now it sounds like what they play.”

She encourages everyone to download the tabs freely and revise as they like.

Virginia Nguyen has 273 friends and 328 subscribers around the world.

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