Vietnamese students bear hard pressure from parents, teachers

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Vietnamese students bear hard pressure from parents, teachers

VietNamNet Bridge – Students have voiced the same complaint that they have too many things to do, have to spend much time on learning, and bear too hard pressure from parents and teachers.

Nguyen Nang Thuc, a student of Nguyen Van Cu High School in HCM City, said at the meeting between the leaders of the HCM City Education and Training Department and 200 students from local schools, that the weekly review meetings have become an obsession for many students. At the meetings, teachers spend most of the time criticizing students, even for minor mistakes, instead of listening to students and helping them overcome difficulties.

Other students agreed with Thuc, saying that teachers always put high expectations on their students, and they would fret if someone just makes a minor mistake. Dam Le Quynh Giao from Tran Quang Khai High School said that in many cases, teachers offended students with rude words. A student has suffered from depression after hearing such words from a teacher.

Besides the “fear of teachers”, students are also pressured by the excessively high expectations from parents. They are always asked to learn harder and obtain better learning records, even though when they feel tired and want to relax.

Thanh Dieu, a 11th grader of Nguyen Huu Huan High School in HCM City said that parents all want their children learn well; therefore, they force children to take private tutoring classes. The timetables of many students are so busy that they get stressful. “I wish that there would be an education forum for the parents to understand better about children education,” she said.

The thing that parents repeatedly ask their children to do is to try to learn harder. They wish to see their children grow up as talented citizens who have good knowledge and skills in many fields. Very few parents accept to see their children lagging behind others. Meanwhile, parents do not spend time to talk with children and listen to them to find out what they need and what they expect from parents.

“Learning takes all of our time. We do not have time for relaxing and learning life skills,” said Nguyen Huy Hiep from Chu Van An Continuation Education Center.

Meanwhile, some students complain that their problem is that their parents are…teachers. There is a principle that teachers’ children must not be worse than others. Especially, they need to be excellent in different fields and need to be the number one.

Minh Ngoc, a 7th grader of NT Secondary School, said that he never has weekend, because he needs to learn on weekend as well. In principle, he can go out after finishing home exercises. However, in fact, doing home exercises takes all of his time.

Ngoc said that he has to learn hard and do a lot of exercises to fulfill his mother’s order: “You must be number one.”

Ngoc’s mother is a teacher of the school where Ngoc goes to. Therefore, the mother said she would feel ashamed if her son has bad learning records. Therefore, Ngoc need to try his best to obtain high marks, not to improve his knowledge, but to satisfy the mother.

Ngoc said that he needs to receive the “excellent student” grade, and be a member of the most excellent students in the class. Besides, he also has to attend extracurricular activities. Especially, he must not make mistake, because all his problems would be reported to the mother who would criticize them for the mistakes.

Hong Van, an 11th grader, said that she feels very ashamed if she gets bad marks. If so, she would be “tortured” by the scolding of the parents and teachers. Meanwhile, the classmates would make fund of her, saying: “she is the daughter of the teacher, but she is still bad”.

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