Vietnamese rich men choose hi-tech products in accordance with geomancy

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Vietnamese rich men choose hi-tech products in accordance with geomancy

VietNamNet Bridge – The tendency of choosing personal instruments has been growing well and spreading out from real estate to hi-tech products. Nowadays, rich men not simply choose the products with the best quality, but they choose the products which most fit them in accordance with the science of winds and waters.

Land must be on good positions, phones must have beautiful numbers

All real estate brokers have heard the story about Phu “co la”, a big guy in the real estate market. One day of six years ago, Phu rushed into a mobile phone shop and insisted on changing his mobile phone. “Please give me another mobile phone. A friend of mine has the phone with the IMEI with the suffix “53”, and he has just died. My IMEI has the suffix “449”, also an unlucky number, so I must change it immediately,” he told the sellers.

With 15 numerals, IMEI is considered a passport for every mobile phone sold in the world. Therefore, businessmen always want to have beautiful numbers for their mobile phones.

However, the new IMEI seemed not to help Phu earn a fortune. A real estate broker, who met Phu several months later, related that Phu complained that he still could not sell a lot of the apartments on Le Van Luong road. And Phu blame the misfortune on the mobile phone, which did not fit his destiny.

He showed the Vertu Constellation Quest valued at 10,000 dollars which had the colour very suitable to the Mercedes car he was driving. According to Phu, the mobile phone was made with brown sapphire stones, which did not fit his destiny.

Quang Ha, an information technology engineer, who is working for a science academy, has been insisting on changing the TV which he bought three months ago. He said that since the day he bought the silver color TV, a lot of other equipments got broken.

“Just after installing the TV, the K+ player failed to catch the wave, while the PS3 and HD Player got broken yesterday,” he said.

Hi-tech products also need to fit people’s destiny

Hi-tech players nowadays not only try to hunt for the SIM cards with the numbers fitting their destiny in accordance of the oriental people’s science, but also pay attention to the color of the products, or many other factors.

Therefore, Goldvish, Vertu, Mobiado or Bellperre have recently launched a series of products with hundreds different designs and colors, so that VIP clients can choose the most suitable to them. Of course, big guys would have to spend big money on the original designs.

N, a big businessman in district 2 of HCM City, said that he spent 300 million dong just to stick 888 diamonds on the Vertu Signature S mobile phone, after the fortune teller told him that 888 is a good number for his business.

A connoisseur in Hanoi also said that he has ordered a gilded Black Berry mobile phone with diamonds from the UK ContinentalMobiles, because this phone is suitable to him.

Thanh Hai, an architect, who is working for a foreign group, has replaced the loudspeakers at the karaoke room at his home with the new ones, just because that the square shape does not fit him. “The fortune teller said that I need something round.”

Ha Phuc, an expert in the science of the winds and waters, said that many businessmen have a blind confidence in the science. However, in reality, the numerals do not help businessmen much in their business. Phuc said that this should be seen as just an “amusement” that can entertain people.

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