Vietnamese naval ships wrap up visit to China

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Vietnamese naval ships wrap up visit to China

Vietnamese naval ship is leaving China’s territorial waters for Vietnam

PANO - Two Vietnamese naval ships, the HQ375 and HQ376, on the evening of June 25th, left China’s territorial waters for Vietnam, successfully wrapping up their friendly visit to and exchange with the Chinese People’s Liberation Navy.

On the same day, in the morning, Major-General Zhang Wendan, Deputy Chief-of-Staff of the Nanhai Fleet, representatives from China People’s Liberation Navy and Colonel Chu Ngoc Nho, Vietnamese defence attaché in China, saw the Vietnamese delegation off at Pier 7 at the port city of Zhanjiang.

Before leaving for Vietnam, Colonel Nguyen Van Kiem, Deputy Chief-of-the Naval Staff of Vietnam thanked the host for their support during their five-day visit to China.

Colonel Kiem also appreciated highly the warm reception received as well as various exchanges that helped consolidate and promote the friendship between the two countries’ armies and navies.

For his part, Major-General Zhang Wendan sent best regards to the Defence Ministry and the High Command of Vietnam Naval Service, and wished the Vietnamese delegation a good trip to home.

On their way out of Zhanjiang port, Vietnamese naval ships and two Chinese warships, the 753 and 755, kept up their training on communication, navigation exchanges etc. to prepare for the two navies’ joint patrols in the coming time.

Translated by Mai Huong

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