Vietnamese models lack opportunities to go internationally

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Vietnamese models lack opportunities to go internationally

Cory Dung Tran, a Vietnamese-origin fashion designer in New York, said that the winner of the Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2011, Hoang Thuy has conditions to become an international model. However, Hoang Thuy and other Vietnamese models need opportunities to go to the world.

Cory Dung Tran is the one who helped bring several Vietnamese models – Ngoc Thach, Hoang Thuy and Tuyet Lan – to the recent New York Fashion Week. He talked with local newspapers about Vietnamese models.

You helped Vietnamese models to appear at the New York Fashion Week 2012. Do you think that these models meet with standards of international models?

The working environment of models in the US and developed countries in general is more competitive and with more pressure than in Vietnam. I carefully observed the three Vietnamese models on the New York catwalk. They exerted great effort to show themselves and to not lag behind foreign models. With that effort, they really shone.

Hoang Thuy

However, they need a long-term training process to meet standards of international models and to get familiar with the competitive working environment abroad.

What do you think about the comment that Vietnamese models are incapable to appear at international fashion events, for example the New York Fashion Week?

It is not about their ability but whether they have opportunities and meet conditions or not. In Vietnam, Thanh Hang satisfies standards of international supermodels but she has not had chance to perform overseas and her seniority is quite high. If she was discovered early, I believe that Thanh Hang would have an opportunity to become an international supermodel.

Many Vietnamese models desire to enter the world fashion market. What do you think about their road?

Vietnamese models Huyen Trang, Tuyet Lan, Hoang Thuy and Ngoc Thach have confidently showed themselves at New York catwalks. I believe that the experience they learnt from these shows would pave the way for their modeling career.

To go far, they have to experience more challenges and train themselves, like the case of Chinese supermodel Liu Wen.

What is your advice for Vietnamese models?

Besides passion, they need to equip themselves with knowledge about the world fashion industry.

Most foreign models start their career at the age of 14, while it is 18-19 or even 20-21 for Vietnamese models. They mainly perform by their instinct, at the guidance of senior models or learn themselves from fashion channels like the FTV.

To have a chance to enter the international fashion market, Vietnamese models must be employed by prestigious modeling agencies in the world and to be known by foreign designers.

What do you think about the fashion industry of Vietnam?

Thanh Hang

Vietnam has made great progress compared to the previous decade but it is a long way for Vietnam to integrate into the international fashion market.

I hope that I and other designers can gradually introduce outstanding models of Vietnam to the world. If we are patient to place each brick, we will have international supermodels in the near future.

What is your future plan?

I’m about to introduce ready-to-wear collections. I’m also preparing for fashion shows in Miami, Vegas Fashion Week, etc. I hope that I will quickly present my latest collection at the Couture New York Fashion Week this September.

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