Vietnamese folk music revival in Hanoi

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>> Young people learn Ca Tru singing

>> Young people learn Ca Tru singing

>> Hanoi revives lost folk music

Every night at 7pm there is a performance of Ca Tru (ceremonial song) at the traditional house located at 87 Ma May Street.

The performance offers a chance for both locals and tourists alike to hear a type of traditional Vietnamese music which rarely played anymore.

Ca Tru was recognised by UNESCO, in October of 2009, as an Intangible Cultural Heritage after Hue Royal Music, the Space of the Gong Culture in the Central Highlands and Bac Ninh Love Duets.

Ca Tru’s revival at the house in Ma May Street:

Ca Tru performance

Tourists partake

Hanoi at night

Waiting for the music to start

Thang Long, a Ca Tru group, joins the daily programme

Musicians prepare

Attendees enjoy the performance

Artist Nguyen Thi Chuc (Right) and Pham Thi Hue (Left), head of Thang Long club

Taking a bow

Artist Pham Thi Hue can sing Ca Tru while playing Đàn Đáy (a Vietnamese lute with three strings, and a long wooden neck and ten frets)

There are few musicians proficient playing in Ca Tru. Nguyen Thi Chuc and Nguyen Phu De, some of the oldest Ca Tru artists of Vietnam

Young artist Nguyen Hue Phuong

The house on Ma May hopes to attract more visitors with these performances

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