Vietnamese films take over theatres during Tet

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Vietnamese films take over theatres during Tet

As usual, local film studios are dishing out a wide range of films from romance to horror flicks during the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.


BHD Studio will release “Le phi tinh yeu” (Love Fee) starring singer and actress Minh Hang and actor Huy Khanh for the Tet season. Directed by Nguyen Minh Chung, the romantic comedy about the love story of a creditor and debtor has a special flash mob scene with 1,000 young dancers.

For its part, Galaxy Studios is screening a horror flick “Loi nguyen huyet ngai” (The Curse of Blood Wormwood) by director Bui Thac Chuyen. This is an unusual move for Galaxy because film studios often make breezy romance comedies for Tet.

Phuong Nam Films will release “Thien menh anh hung” (Blood Letter), a historical movie about Vietnam’s national hero, Nguyen Trai and his tragic fate. Nguyen Trai, who helped established the Le dynasty in Vietnam, and his family were wrongly executed for regicide.

The film is directed by Vietnamese – American director Victor Vu, whose movie last Tet “Co dau dai chien” (Bridal War), was a box office hit.

Phuoc Sang Studio this year will continue its comedy tradition by releasing “Hello co Ba” (Hello Miss Ba) about a hen-pecked husband. Featuring comedian Hoai Linh as Miss Ba, the film, directed by Quang Minh, also stars body builder champion Pham Van Mach, who recently grabbed media attention for his singing ability in the reality show “Just the two of us”.

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