Vietnamese actress wins Chinese award

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Vietnamese actress wins Chinese award

VietNamNet Bridge - Actress Lan Ngoc has won the Best Foreign Actress Award for her role in “Floating Lives” at the Chinese Golden Rooster Awards 2011.

Lan Ngoc and Thanh Dien, two leading actors in "Floating Lives" at
the Golden Rooster Awards 2011.

Lan Ngoc returned to HCM City on October 23, from Anhui province, where the Golden Rooster Awards 2011 on October 19-22 was hosted. The young actress could not hide her joy.

She said at the award ceremony, the organizing board announced the name of the Best Foreign Actress in Chinese and English, so she could not here clearly. A member of the organizing board approached Lan Ngoc to tell her about the news.

She said that the Vietnamese delegation came late so they missed the chance to exchange with the local audiences at the show of “Floating Lives.”

“I’m very surprised to win this award. Many people told me that they want to watch my movies. The Vietnamese delegation also joined a party with delegations from Cuba, Hungary, Bulgaria and China. I’m very happy and proud!”

Lan Ngoc and Thanh Dien in "Floating Lives".
The Vietnamese delegation to China included Lan Ngoc, Thanh Dien, who also stared in Floating Lives, movie directors Trinh Le Van and Nguyen Huu Phan.

Lan Ngoc previously won the Golden Kite Award and the Most Favorite Actress for the same role.

Initiated by the China Film Association in 1981, the Golden Rooster Awards is held annually and is China's most prestigious awards chosen by film artists and critics. In recent years, the award has included foreign entries.

In 2009, Vietnamese actor Dustin Nguyen was awarded Best Foreign Actor for his leading role in “Huyen Thoai Bat Tu” (The Legend is Alive).


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