Vietnamese Buddhism is a patriotic religion

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Vietnamese Buddhism is a patriotic religion

(VOV) - Vietnamese Buddhism is a religion of patriotism, said Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan at a grand ceremony to mark the 2556th birthday of Lord Buddha, which was held in Hanoi on May 5 by the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) Central Committee.

VFF leader visits Buddhist patriarch

On behalf of the VBS Executive Council's Standing Committee, Most Venerable Thich Pho Tue sent a congratulatory message to Buddhist dignitaries, monks, nuns and followers in Vietnam and abroad.

The message announced that the VBS has organized a congress for all levels to prepare for the 7 th National Buddhist Congress scheduled for later this year. The meeting aims to review the achievements and weaknesses, and draw lessons from implementing resolutions and Buddhist-related activities in the previous term to improve efficiency in the next term.

It also highlighted the need to reinforce solidarity and reconciliation in line with the VBS Charter and State laws to help ensure future achievements.

Deputy PM Nhan extended his best wishes for good health and happiness to all Buddhist dignitaries and followers at home and abroad.

In his speech, Mr Nhan said Buddha’s birthday is one of the most important events in Vietnamese Buddhism and reminds every Buddhist follower of their profound philosophy of life. The 2000-year history of Vietnamese Buddhism has included many renowned Buddhists with a fine reputation during their lives, said Mr Nhan.

The Deputy PM praised the significant achievements the VBS has recorded in recent years, as well as its active participation in humanitarian activities and poverty reduction, showing that Vietnamese Buddhism has always been a patriotic religion throughout the nation's history.

The Party and State always respect and ensure people's rights to their beliefs and religions in line with the national laws.

He also said he believes the VBS and its followers across the country and overseas will continue to uphold the traditions of Vietnamese Buddhism and contribute to national construction and defence.

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