Vietnam will not make concessions in sovereignty

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Vietnam will not make concessions in sovereignty

VietNamNet Bridge – “There is a fact that China commits to not take Vietnam’s land and sea, and Vietnam will never be unprincipled making concessions in sovereignty. Vietnam will never lean on any country against China,” Deputy Minister of Defense-Lieutenant General, Nguyen Chi Vinh told his Chinese counterpart.

Vietnam to conduct bilateral defense dialogues with many partners

The second Sino-Vietnam defense-security strategic dialogue took place in Beijing on August 29, jointly chaired by Lieutenant General Vinh and his Chinese counterpart, Senior Lieutenant-general Ma Xiaotian.

The two sides discussed many issues, including the East Sea disputes, the most sensitive matter between the two countries.

“Peace benefits both, confrontation harms both,” said Senior Lieutenant-general Ma Xiaotian.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh confirmed that Vietnam always attaches importance to the relationships with China, and Vietnam wants to seek a win-win solution for the East Sea disputes.

Vinh said that there are three important aspects in the East Sea disputes: the statement of sovereignty of related parties, the relations between Vietnam-China and the East Sea disputes at multilateral forums. The solution for the East Sea disputes must obey the international law, including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982.

Sovereignty disputes between Vietnam and China must be solved bilaterally, publicly, under international laws. “Vietnam does not intend to internationalize the issues between Vietnam and China because of our own interests,” General Vinh said.

He emphasized that to defend and build the country, there is only one path: maintaining independence, territorial sovereignty and good relations with the international community. This cannot be achieved by uniting with a country against another country.

“Vietnam is the friend and reliable partner of all countries in the world. But if Vietnam needs support, sympathy, cooperation and development, no one is better than China, a socialist neighbor with a population of over 1.35 billion people, which is strongly developing and gaining higher prestige and position in the world, if China respects Vietnam’s independence and sovereignty and also wants Vietnam to develop together,” Vinh added.

He also highlighted the need to make public the East Sea disputes to help the two peoples, and the international community understand the nature of the disputes in the friendly relations between the two countries.

He clarified that the hostile forces spread two allegations against Vietnam. Firstly, Vietnam leans on the USA against China. Secondly, Vietnam makes concessions for China to take its land and sea. Vinh said that these allegations are adverse to the Party and State of Vietnam and the Sino-Vietnam relations.

“We need to help two peoples understand clearly that there are some matters between the two countries, but the two Parties and two States have committed to solve these issues by peaceful measures, under international laws, which are acceptable for both sides,” he said.

“There is a fact that China commits to not take Vietnam’s land and sea and Vietnam will never makes concessions in sovereignty. Vietnam will never lean on any country against China,” he added.

Vietnam is willing to cooperation for mutual development with China in the disputed areas under the international law. However, while the disputes are not settled, the two sides must not use force or even think of using force, the Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Defense said.

At the meeting, the two sides agreed to speed up cooperation in many fields and quickly set up a phone line between the two Ministries of Defense.


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