Vietnam wants to curb population around 100 mil. by 2020

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Vietnam wants to curb population around 100 mil. by 2020

The Hanoitimes - Vietnam will try to keep its population not more than 100 million by 2020, and around 115-120 million by mid-21st century, according to the Government’s action program o­n population and family planning in the 2010-2015.

Vietnam will also maintain the family planning policy which encourages couples to have fewer children, o­nly o­ne or two at most. It is raising public awareness about population and family planning, especially in rural and remote areas, to reduce the birth rate.

To ensure the gender balance of newborns, the Ministry of Information and Communications discourage the popularization of documents that mention the selection of baby gender.

The Ministry of Health will strengthen inspection of healthcare facilities to prevent them from abusing hi-tech equipment to diagnose, define and select baby gender. The Ministry and the Ministry of Justice are drafting a decree o­n imposing fines o­n population policy-related violations. In December, the draft decree will be submitted to the Government for approval.

Vietnam is striving to gain higher Human Development Index, gradually making it equal to average industrialized countries. In late August, the Ministry of Health will submit to the Government an overall plan o­n raising population quality in the 2011-2020 period, which focuses o­n improving people’s life expectancy, education and per-capita income.

According to a recent population and housing census, Vietnam currently has a golden population structure.


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