Vietnam vows to reduce TB rate by 50% by 2015

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Vietnam vows to reduce TB rate by 50% by 2015

Deputy PM Nguyen Thien Nhan speaking at the event (Image:

The National TB Programme (NTB) reports that TB prevention and control in the country has achieved some important results in the 2007-2011 period. The programme was deployed nationwide, mobilising more than 90% of the necessary resources to help 90% of newly infected patients recover from the disease.

The NTB will strive to reach its target of reducing TB infections by 50% of the 2000 figure by 2015; maintaining the number of multi-drug resistant patients at the same figure as 2010; ensuring a sufficient supply of and access to high-quality Directly Observed Treatment-Short Course services (DOTS) at all levels to treat TB patients; and intensifying community involvement to fight against the disease.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan stressed the need to review the programme and improve the feasibility of its proposed objectives.

It is important to give top priority to preventing TB and consider it a long-term task, he said, adding that appropriate policies are needed to encourage private hospitals to become involved in the fight against TB in the community.

He urged applying new technologies for treatment to help reduce costs for patients and issuing more preferential and supportive policies for medical staff.

Deputy PM Nhan also suggested that localities across the country should make regular reports on their TB prevention and control work, which should be integrated into local annual socio-economic development plans.

He called for raising public awareness of the cause and severity of TB, so that people will understand how to avoid and prevent spreading the disease.

On the occasion, Deputy PM Nhan also awarded the Labour Order, third class to three outstanding individual contributors to the fight against TB.

The Ministries of Health and Information and Communication also issued a set of ‘For a TB Free Vietnam’ stamps at the conference.

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