Vietnam should prepare for radioactive pollution

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Vietnam should prepare for radioactive pollution

Vietnam should activate its radioactive warning system to detect any radioactive materials that can be blown from Japan, said nuclear power expert Nguyen Minh Tuan.

According to Tuan, who has worked in Japan and twice visited Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant No.1, radioactive materials such as Cs137 and I131 could be blown thousands of km by wind from their original site.

There was an explosion at the Plant in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Tuan said Vietnam’s radioactive warning and control system, which is well-equipped, should work at full speed to take samples to determine whether the country is being affected by the explosion at Fukushima.

Tuan, a specialist at the Da Lat Nuclear Research Institute, said he had asked the heads of the institute to take proper action.

A meltdown of the reactor core caused an explosion at Fukushima No. 1 Saturday, making it the worst accident in 50 years of Japan’s nuclear power history.

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