Vietnam oil & gas expo draws int’l economic giants

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Vietnam oil & gas expo draws int’l economic giants

The Hanoi Times - The Vietnam Oil&Gas Expo 2009 will be held in the Centre for Saigon Trade Fair and Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City, from Oct. 29-31 with the participation of 157 firms from 20 countries and territories, PertroVietnam (PVN) said.

Covering an area of about 7,000 sq.m, the eighth expo will be a place for the participants to meet and seek economic contracts.

It will be joined by the world’s leading oil and gas groups and local and foreign firms operating in equipment, machines and spare parts o­n the field such as Mitsubishi of Japan, Petronas of Malaysia, Galperti of Italy, Kloeppex Therm GmbH of Germany, Compact GTL plc of the UK, Gazprom of Russia, Process Combustion Corp of the US.

The expo has been held rotationally in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City since 1991.


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