Vietnam needs to improve export performance

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The Hanoitimes - Vietnam’s export businesses have achieved good results this year but will have to improve their performance.

The Hanoitimes - Vietnam ’s export businesses have achieved good results this year but will have to improve their performance.

It’s likely that Vietnam will find it more and more difficult to penetrate potential markets such as the US, EU, Africa and West Asia.

Vietnam ’s Ambassador to Belgium Pham Sanh Chau says the EU is a key market for Vietnam . However, it is not easy to enter due to the technical barriers against imports and the growing trend of protectionism.

Another cause for worry is the EU’s public debt crisis and its decreasing purchasing power, Mr Chau adds.

Regarding the American market, Vietnam ’s Commercial Counselor to the US Dao Tran Nhan mentions recent US lawsuits which have caused losses for both manufacturers and exporters.

He says the US is keen to adopt stricter legislation o­n food safety standards, he emphasized.

Judging from the growing trend of protectionism, Ambassador Chau warns export businesses to take cautious steps to avoid risky operations and losses.

According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Thanh Bien, Vietnam ’s export turnover has kept rising over the years thanks to the timely guidance of the government and its representative offices in foreign countries.

To cope with rising challenges in 2012 and beyond, Vietnamese businesses should focus o­n maintaining traditional markets and finding new potential markets, Bien says.

Nguyen Huu Thang, CEO of Hapro Corporation, agrees that they should work closely with trade counselors to foreign countries to promote goods and tighten trade ties.

Dang Hoang Hai, Head of the European Market Department, suggests that apart from commercial diplomacy to develop exports, Vietnamese businesses should improve the design and quality of goods and depend less o­n foreign input materials.

In particular, Vietnam should develop the system of direct supply to distribution agents in foreign markets, without relying o­n commercial intermediaries.

According to trade counselors, Vietnamese businesses should also develop good trademarks and build mutual trust among their partners.

Trade Counselor to South Africa Do Quang Lien calls o­n them to actively engage in trade promotions abroad.


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