Vietnam makes 3D cartoon of “The Little Match Girl”

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Vietnam makes 3D cartoon of “The Little Match Girl”

A famous work of writer Hans Christian Andersen, “The Little Match Girl”, was adapted for a 3D-formated film by a Vietnamese team, whose trailer has received much praise and support. True-D Animation, a newly-established film studio in Vietnam, produces the film. This 3D film proves an advance in technology in making cartoons in Vietnam.

In the nearly two minute trailer clip, the Little Match Girl is created lively with big, round eyes and an innocent, expressive face. The scene in the ancient Nordic country with snow-capped roofs is also shown to be sharp and real that conveys cold weather to viewers. It has achieved some special effects to make characters move naturally with facial features, hair and each layer of clothing. Fire, snow and wind in the film are also made so sharp and emotional.

Amazingly, the True-D Animation’s team has never attended any class in 3D animation. Everyone in the group studies techniques of this kind of movies through downloaded documents on the Internet. They shared new techniques with each other to produce the best result.

The True-D Animation team said that this film is only their first project to show what they have learnt. After this short film, they will make more 3D ​​animation films based on Vietnamese stories with a humourous style. Later they also would like to make more long and deep 3D animated for audiences.

Source: VnEpress

Translated by Nguyen Thao

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