Vietnam fulfils import, export targets

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Vietnam fulfils import, export targets

(VOV) - Vietnam has so far earned US$87.2 billion from exports, which is well above the yearly target of US$80 billion set by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

This represents a 34.7 percent rise from the same period last year for all export items. The highest increase was recorded in the foreign investment sector (up 40.7 percent to US$49.4 billion).

In the meantime, imports hit the set target of US$94 billion, notably with a rise of 1.7 percent to US$9.3 billion.

Vietnam’s trade deficit was estimated at US$700 million in November and at US$8.9 billion over the past 11 months.

Key items showing high increases included textiles and garments, crude oil, footwear, seafood, rice, wood, rubber, and coffee.

The US remained Vietnam’s largest export market in terms of turnover (US$13.9 billion, or 17.7 percent of the country’s total export revenues). Next in line were the EU, ASEAN, China, and Japan.

Vietnam earned about US$2 billion from exporting agricultural and forestry products, mainly to China and the US, in November.

The country’s major imports included machinery, petrol and oil, electronics, computers, plastics, chemical products, and fertilizers.

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