Vietnam city roads fixed temporarily for holiday weekend

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Báo Thanh Niên English - 69 month(s) ago 7 readings

Ho Chi Minh City authorities have ordered iron fences around roadworks taken down and roads to be fixed temporarily to allow traffic during the long holiday weekend that lasts until Tuesday.

Many stretches of streets have been fenced off, some for years, to allow digging for several environmental and water projects.

They are taken off during major holidays like the New Year or Lunar New Year to allow people to move around more freely before being erected again.

The Reunification Day, April 30, falls on Monday, and is followed by Labor Day.

The Department of Transport has ordered all work to be suspended at least until the end of May 1.

It has also dispatched personnel to check roads and fix damaged parts. They will also keep an eye on potentially crowded spots such as amusement places and city gates to regulate traffic.

On the night of the Reunification Day, there will be 15 minutes of fireworks over the Saigon River and Dam Sen Theme Park.

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