Vietnam authorities reject reports of ‘plastic’ rice

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Vietnamese authorities Thursday rejected reports that rice containing elements of plastic was being sold in Hanoi, saying tests had failed to find any evidence of this.

The Vietnam Food Administration and Hanoi’s food administration agency had taken samples for the tests from Duc Thien shop in Hoang Mai District that had come under suspicion.

But all of them met health and safety regulations and did not contain any bleach or polishing chemicals, the administration said.

Tests done right at the shop also failed to find anything unusual about the color or taste of the grain, it stressed.

Pham Dong Quang, deputy chief of the Cultivation Department, said tests on samples provided by Nguyen Duy Manh, a consumer who had claimed that they smelled of plastic, did not find anything wrong either.

Earlier this week several media agencies quoted Manh as saying that the rice he bought from Duc Thien shop did not become fluffy when cooked, and its plastic smell worsened on cooking.


Vietnam authorities identify supplier of 'plastic' rice

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But Vietnam News Agency reported Tuesday that he was unable to identify the rice variety at the shop when he was taken there by the city market control agency.

The shop claimed that it had not sold any other varieties except those in stock at that time, and that it bought all its rice from provinces.

It then volunteered to provide samples to the agency for tests.

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