Vietnam attends international conference on transport

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Vietnam attends international conference on transport

(VOV) - A delegation of the Vietnamese Transport Ministry attended the Ministerial Conference on Transport held in Bangkok from March 12-16, with participants coming from member countries of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

At the conference, Vietnamese Minister of Transport Nguyen Hong Truong introduced Vietnam’s traffic development and safety policy, as well as the country’s efforts to build trans-Asia railways and roads to facilitate cross-border travel.

The international conference on transport took place in the context of traffic accidents annually claiming the lives of nearly 700,000 people and injuring 30 million others in the Asia Pacific region, and causing total losses of at least US$96 billion.

2011 is the fourth consecutive year that Vietnam has reduced the number of traffic accidents, and fatalities and injuries from accidents, as a result of a series of measures adopted.

Vietnam has launched many campaigns to raise public awareness on this issue, stepped up quality evaluation related to traffic projects, and taken measures to ensure proper traffic activities.

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