Vietnam attends AIPA committees’ meetings

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Vietnam attends AIPA committees’ meetings

(VOV) - Vietnam stressed the important role of each ASEAN country in strengthening political and security cooperation.

Continuing the activities of the 32nd General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA-32), the AIPA political committee on September 21 discussed measures to boost regional cooperation and integration in the fields of politics, economics and social affairs.

Participants approved three important draft documents on strengthening the ASEAN Political-Security Community through intensifying regional cooperation and integration; promoting and building a Trust-oriented Community through strengthening ASEAN solidarity for prosperity in the region; and approving a report of the AIPA Consultant Committee on preventing disasters and coping with climate change.

They agreed to call upon ASEAN governments to boost regional cooperation to build common standards and mechanisms to achieve ASEAN targets for politics and security.

The Vietnamese delegation affirmed that political and security cooperation plays an important role in dealing with traditional issues related to climate change and trans-national crimes, and new issues related to the East Sea and countries’ sovereignty.

Vu Xuan Hong, member of the Vietnam National Assembly’s External Affairs Committee, said Vietnam contributed to promoting political and security cooperation by proposals and initiatives to improve the resolutions. Vietnam also pointed out matters that parliaments can help with, and matters which governments need to be encouraged and monitored to implement suitable steps in building trust among ASEAN members as well as handling remaining issues based on peace, friendship, cooperation, international laws, and ASEAN and UN charters.

Participants at the AIPA Committee on Economic Matters discussed a draft resolution on promoting economic growth for sustainable development toward narrowing the development gap in ASEAN and a draft resolution on climate change. These resolutions call on each ASEAN member country to better fulfil its responsibility for limiting barriers for trade, investment and socio-economic development and to gradually narrow the development gap among member countries based on ensuring sustainable growth and environmental protection.

The AIPA Committee on Social Matters emphasised the importance of accelerating the implementation of laws to prevent human trafficking in the region and improving the role of parliamentarians and member parliaments in fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Delegates also discussed a report on the role of countries’ parliaments in protecting immigrant workers’ rights in ASEAN.

On the same day, there were dialogues between AIPA member countries with international observers, such as Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Russia and the European Parliament.

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