Vietnam, China assure promoting bilateral relations

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Vietnam, China assure promoting bilateral relations

Senior Lieutenant-General Do Ba Ty at the meeting with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping.

PANO - The Vietnamese top defence delegation led by Senior Lieutenant-General Do Ba Ty, Member of the Party Central Committee, Standing Member of the Central Military Commission, Chief-of-the-General-Staff and Deputy-Defence Minister was received by Xi Jinping, Member of the Chinese Politburo, Vice-President, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Central Military Commission at the Great Hall of People in Beijing on April 13 th .

At the meeting, Senior Lieutenant-General Do Ba Ty thanked Mr. Xi Jinping for his reception and expressed joy for his first visit to China as the Vietnamese Chief-of-the-General-Staff.

The Vietnamese top defence official said that the visit was aimed to promote the awareness of strategies and mutual confidence between the two Parties, States, peoples and defence organisations. He also stressed that the bilateral relationship between Vietnam and China was the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation in accordance with the 16 gold letters motto and in the spirit of four goods.

The visiting Deputy-Defence Minister affirmed that the two armies will try their best to promote the bilateral defence relations to practice and effectiveness and bring them to the level of the relations of the two Parties and States.

Vietnam and China are the two close neighbours with long-term traditional good relations and cultural similarities and since the foundations of the Vietnam Communist Party and the China Communist Party, the bilateral good relations have uplifted to a higher level as the two sides share the common ideology and Socialism building ideal, the guest stressed. In the spirit of brotherhood and comradeship, the Vietnam People’s Army wishes that China would continuously grow and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army would continuously develop and contribute more to peace and stability in the region and the world, of which Vietnam is a member, he affirmed.

Highlighting China’s supports, the visiting Deputy-Defence Minister said that Vietnam always acknowledges and sincerely thanks great supports that the Chinese Party, Government, people and Army have rendered to it during its national liberation wars in the past and its national construction and defence at present. The Vietnamese Party, State, people and Army put an emphasis on the development of neighbouring good and friendly ties and comprehensive sustainable cooperation with China, and promoting relations with China is the consistent and prior direction in Vietnamese foreign policies, he assured.

He ensured that the Vietnam People’s Army together with the Party, State and people try their best to preserve and develop friendly, united and cooperative ties with China.

Regarding the bilateral defence relations, the visiting Deputy-Defence Minister appreciated the results of cooperation between the two armies over the past year and considered the achievements an important factor contributing to mutual political confidence and traditional friendly relations between the two Parties and States. He also hoped that the two sides would do more and tap all potentials to bring the bilateral defence ties to a new height.

The Vietnamese Chief-of-the-General-Staff also informed Mr. Xi Jinping the main contents that he would discuss at the scheduled upcoming talk with his Chinese counterpart, Senior Lieutenant-General Chen Bingde. These include building direct communication line between the two Defence Ministries and effectively using the existing direct line between the two Navies to regularly exchange information and to deal with situations on land and in the sea in accordance to the standpoints that leaders of the two countries have agreed on.

Meanwhile, Mr. Xi Jinping showed his good impressions on Vietnam and its people while recalling his visit to the country in December 2011. He emphasised that Vietnam and China are the two neighbours that have enjoyed bilateral good relations between for a long time and especially the ties continued to be brought up and fostered by President Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong as well as other revolutionary predecessors of the two nations for years and that therefore, the two nations should unite together, lean on each other, cooperate with each other and support each other for their national long-term and sustainable development.

He was happy to point to a large number of achievements in the political, economic, cultural defence and security cooperation between the two nations over the past time, which have brought many benefits to the two countries. According to him, the bilateral defence relations are part of the general bilateral relationship of the two nations and should be a pillar and a new driving force for the development of the general bilateral relationship between the two nations.

He reviewed and analyzed international political situations and their negative impacts on the bilateral relations and underlined that this required the two sides to further strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership, to boost cooperation and enhance unity to overcome challenges and difficulties.

The Chinese leader also informed the guests of the preparations of the China Communist Party for its 18 th National Congress.

Finally, the host expressed his joy for the reception of the Vietnamese Deputy-Defence Minister and believed that the visit would be successful. He also said that, in his capacity as Member of the Chinese Politburo, Vice-President, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Central Military Commission, he had received a number of Vietnamese Party, State and Defence delegations and saw all of their visits successful. He also asked the visiting Deputy-Defence Minister to pass regards to Vietnamese Party, State and Defence leaders.

Translated by Thu Nguyen

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