Victory Day on April 30 in Vietnam

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Victory Day on April 30 in Vietnam

VGP - April 30 is an annual holiday in Vietnam to commemorate the fall of Saigon in 1975 at the end of the Vietnam War. It is commonly known as Victory Day, Reunification Day or Liberation Day.

The victory plays a very important role in long-term history of Vietnam as it terminates the Vietnam War and the Indochina War, the existence of the Republic of Vietnam, an intervention of powers in Vietnam.

On the global scale, the Vietnam War ended with the victory of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and National Liberation Front of South Vietnam strongly encouraged national liberation movement on the globe.

As conditions for the territorial unity of Vietnam. Congress agreed a meeting in Hanoi from June 24 to July 3, 1976 has decided the country’s name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam and were elected members of state government agencies. Vietnam has stepped out of the war and became a real national unity.

The Victory day in pictures

A North Vietnamese tank crashes through the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon, Vietnam on April 30, 1975. The taking of the palace marked the fall of the U.S.-backed south during the Vietnam War

April 30, 1975 marks a turning point in Vietnam’s history

North Vietnamese troops enter Presidential Palace in Saigon

North Vietnamese troops occupy the Presidential Palace

Earlier, Americans and Vietnamese run for a U.S. Marine helicopter in Saigon during the evacuation of the city, April 29, 1975

Evacuees mount a staircase to board an American helicopter near the American Embassy in Saigon

North Vietnamese troops celebrate victory

People flock to street to cheer the victory day

Celebration of the victory day

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