VN-Index continues slipping, HNX-Index inches up

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Vietnamese stock market Friday witnessed two national bourses moving in opposite ways with VN-Index slipping 1.35 points (0.31 percent) to 434.4 points while the HNX-Index edging up 0.52 point (0.69 percent) to 75.78 points.

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But market liquidity increased 7.3 percent day on day to VND687.03 billion.

On Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE), the total matching order trade reached over 21.92 million shares worth over VND403.28 billion, up 9.74 percent in volume and 26.8 percent in value against the previous trading session.

On Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX), the total market trade reached over 23.21 million units valued at over VND283.75 billion, down 11.98 percent in volume and 12.25 percent in value against Thursday’s.

By the end of Friday’s trading session, there were 108 gainers and 102 losers on the southern bourse and the respective figures on the northern bourse were 138 and 97.

Foreign investors Friday continued their 2nd net-selling session on both HoSE and HNX with about 2.4 million shares worth around VND29.6 billion and 18,800 shares respectively.

On HoSE, they bought over 1.8 million shares worth over VND66 billion, up 38 percent in volume and 67 percent in value against the previous trading session. They sold over 4.23 million shares for over VND96 billion, up 154 percent in volume and 126 percent against Thursday’s.

Their net-selling session mostly focused on ITA with 366,460 shares, PVT with 338,830 shares, VSH with 316,000 shares, REE with 281,110 shares, OGC with 273,390 shares, VCB with 219,090 shares, PVF with 183,190 shares, DPM with 147,020 shares, KBC with 135,790 shares, and TDH with126,800 shares.

They also concentrated on net-buying with 347,170 PNJ shares.

On HNX, they bought 319,000 shares worth over VND4 billion, down 16 percent in volume and 12 percent in value against Thursday’s. They sold 337,800 shares for about VND4 billion, down 51 percent in volume and 59 percent in value day on day.

Their net-selling session focused on VCG with 49,700 shares and WSS with 49,000 shares. They also concentrated on net-buying with 85,300 PVX shares and 70,500 KLS shares.

Foreign investors on the southern bourse this week boosted their net-selling for over VND21 billion, five times more than that on the northern bourse.

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