VN is second happiest nation globally

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VGP - Vietnam has been rated as the second happiest nation in the world thanks to its citizens’ high level of life satisfaction, high life expectancy, and environmental sustainability.

The Southeast Asian nation scored 60.4 in the top-ten list just behind Costa Rica that got 64 overall, according to the 2012 Happy Planet Index (HPI) report released by New Economics Foundation (NEF).

HPI uses global data on life expectancy, experienced well-being and Ecological Footprint to rank countries.

HPI was first announced in 2006 when Vietnam was positioned 12 th . The country made great strides in improving people’s well-being, ranking 5 th in the list when NEF published its HPI report for the second time in 2009.

Nine other countries in the top ten came from Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Southeast Asia, Indonesia was placed 14 th , Thailand 20 th , the Philippines 25 th , Laos 37 th , Myanmar 61 st , Malaysia 84 th , Cambodia 85 th , and Singapore 90 th .

Elsewhere in Asia, India was ranked 32 nd , China 60 th and the the Republic of Korea 63 rd .

Among the group of eight industrial nations, the UK was placed 41 st , Japan 45 th , Germany 46 th , France 50 th , Italy 51 st , Canada 65 th , the US 105 th , and Russia 122 nd .

NEF is a UK-based non-governmental organization, working for a model of wealth creation, based on equality, diversity and economic stability. - VOV

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