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VGP – Vietnam has paid due attention to environment protection through improving legal corridors and increasing State budget for environment protection and management.

However, the environment in some areas have continued to be degraded, the pollution and degradation trend has been on the rise, many urgent issues such as disposal of untreated industrial waste and eco-system imbalances have been left unsolved... These risks threaten the country’s sustainable development.

To address the challenge, Vietnam developed a national strategy on protecting environment till 2020 and a national action plan on protecting environment till 2020.

The strategy and the plan are built with new viewpoints, targets, tasks and measures for environment protection in the coming time.

Accordingly, the country sets to focus on limiting pollution hikes, improving environment quality, basically solving environment degradation in industrial parks, populated residential areas in big cities and some rural areas among others.

It will also strive to enhance the capacity of avoiding natural disasters and minimizing their impacts, responding and well overcoming environment incidents caused by natural disasters…

Specific targets include:

- 80% of production and business facilities will have been granted environment certificates or the ISO 14001 certificate.

- 100% of urban areas, industrial parks and export processing zones will have concentrated wastewater treatment systems.

- 30% of collected waste will be recycled, while developing waste recycling industry.

- 100% of urban population and 95% of rural population will have access safe water.

-The forest coverage rate will increase to 48% of the country’s total natural forest area.

- 100% of products, goods for export, and 50% of goods for domestic consumption will have environment labels according to ISO 14021 standard.

By Ngoc Van

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