University students learn to become “playboys”, “kept women”

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University students learn to become “playboys”, “kept women”

VietNamNet Bridge – Attending parties through the night, being keen on gambling, “addicted to laptops” and earning money by serving as kept women--all have become the new lifestyles of a part of Vietnamese students nowadays, who always strive to escape from the parents’ control.

Parties – an “indispensable part of life”

Vietnamese students nowadays believe that they need to lead the lives independent from their parents and they need to decide themselves, not their parents, what they will do in their lives.

The students try to “liberalize” themselves by attending the parties through the night. They not only gather together on holidays or birthday parties, but also on ordinary days. The students from well off families attend luxurious parties and drink the bottles of wine worth millions of dong, while the ones from poor families gather together at tea shops to drink the teas worth 2000 dong and gossip.

B Thanh, a student of the Industry University, said that he spends most of his free time on parties, where he can meet friends and share everything with them. “If you cannot enjoy the life now, you will feel regret later,” Thanh said, adding that only foolish students would spend time learning hard.

Gambling – the bad habit of many students

As for many students, reviewing lessons has become a “luxurious pleasure.” Therefore, when getting tired of going out, they would not go to bed or do school works, but would gang together for gambling. And when getting tired of gambling, they would turn on laptops to watch online films. The watching may last for indefinite time, and students can stay up through the night to watch films.

Addicted to the Internet

Currently, laptops are no longer luxurious things to students. Therefore, it’s easier sitting for hours in front of laptops to surf on Internet and read funny stories. A society of people who like sitting for hours in front of computers has been established on a social network. The society has attracted a lot of members who always click “like.”

Thanh, a student of the Electronics and Refrigeration Junior College, said that he can work with computer for 10 continued hours. Thanh said that he can live without meals for one day, but he would get crazy if he is away from his laptop for one day.

The kept women – students

Gambling, parties and spending money like water have been applauded by the student circle as the most favorite pastimes. However, in order to be able to join the games, students need to have money.

One of the easiest ways for female students to earn money is to serve as the kept women for the rich men.

Q, the student of a junior college, quietly leaves the dormitory in the evening and only returns after the midnight, climbing the wall into her room, as the dormitory is locked by that time. Q’s timetable proves to be different from everyone else: she sleeps in daylight, and works at night, while spending no time on learning. The girls sharing the same room with Q, said that night is the time for her to earn money from the rich men.

T, a student of the same junior college, has also become “famous” as a call girl. Rumor has been spread out that T can earn 500,000 dong for every night. Therefore, T has a special nickname “T 500”.

Minh Hien

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