University graduates go selling vegetables, working as taxi motorbike drivers

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University graduates go selling vegetables, working as taxi motorbike drivers

VietNamNet Bridge – After four or five years of sweating blood and tears for studying at universities, a lot of graduates go selling vegetables at markets or working as taxi motorbike drivers, simply because they cannot find the jobs fitting their training majors.

University graduates work as sellers at tea shops

In June 2011, the story about a university graduate which had two “red degrees” (the degrees for excellent university graduates), had to run a small private tea shop, raised a hot debate among the public.

The female graduate is Ngo Thi Phuong T, 23, from Thai Nguyen, who finished the Hanoi University of Business and Technology in finance & banking and accountancy majors. However, in the last year, she has been earning her living as an accountant or a bank officer, but as the owner of tea shop on the pavement of Nguyen Khang Street in Cau Giay district in Hanoi.

Commenting about the case, a lot of people said that the case shows the big waste of the Vietnamese drain, while others pointed out that this is the result of the bad education method being applied in Vietnam, under which graduates still lack necessary skills for their works.

Phuong T is not alone. A lot of other university graduates have been working in the fields which have no relations with their trained majors. Especially, they have to undertake simple jobs such as selling tea, working as taxi motorbike driver or selling vegetable at the markets – the jobs that can be done without the knowledge from universities.

Son, a graduate of the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, left Hanoi for VUng Tau City to work as an engineer at a oil and gas company 10 years ago, from which he received very high pay. However, unfortunately, Son has got redundant after the company laid off workers. Finally, the engineer who once worked in the high-technology field now has to earn their living as a taxi motorbike driver.

A colleague of Son, Phan Van Thinh, born in 1988, has also been working as a taxi motorbike driver for the last several years. Thinh finished the information technology faculty of the University for Business and Technology, but he could not find a job in the trained field. Thinh said that taxi motorbike driver is a dangerous job: he could not get pay from customers after serving them.

Kim Duyen, an excellent literature graduate of the Hue University, has been working as a worker at a footwear company in Binh Duong province since the day she finished the school. Duyen said she needs to take some jobs to earn her living, therefore, she decided to leave Hue City for Binh Duong, where it is easy to find a job at garment or footwear companies.

Ngoc B, a graduate of the economics university of the Hanoi National University, is now helping her mother to take care for the vegetable shop at their home village. B said that she plans to take care for the shop for just a short time before finding a job. However, it is still unclear when this comes true.

Why do university graduates have to take simple works?

The university graduates have been refused by employers after they many times applied for jobs. Phuong T said that she once worked as a customer relationship officer for a bank, but she later decided to quit the job, because she thought the work did not fit her. T wished to work as an auditor, an officer of the capital source division of payment division. However, she did not have enough experiences for the posts.

As for Son, he said that after a period of working, he got tired with his job because he could not upgrade himself to get adapted to the new circumstances of the works.

Now Son feels satisfactory with his new job as a taxi motorbike driver, because the job is not too demanding.

Le Minh

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