US$3.7billion used to import animal feeds

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US$3.7billion used to import animal feeds

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Vietnam imported some 8.9million tons of materials for animal feeds production, valued at some US$3.7billion in 2011, according to Le Ba Lich, President of the Vietnam Animal Feeds Association.

The animal feeds import amount represented more than 62 per cent of the total inputs for the domestic facilities to produce 14.3million tons of animal feeds serving the need for the domestic livestock husbandry sector.

In addition to the imports of protein-rich materials like soy-beans and processed animal bone powder, Vietnam often has to import nearly 4million tons of other materials, including corn, rice ban and wheat that can be produced at home.

According to the President of the Vietnam Animal Feeds Association, this has been the chronic weakness of the sector over the past years and made the domestic livestock husbandry less effective.

The reasons for the weakness are various but the two most important ones include lacking in planning land to grow crops as materials for animal feed production and insufficient investment by livestock farming and animal feed production businesses for their long-term development.

Source: TT

Translated by Thu Nguyen

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