US changes anti-dumping taxes on Vietnamese tra fish

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US changes anti-dumping taxes on Vietnamese tra fish

(VOV) - The US Department of Commerce (DoC) on March 8 announced its final decision on the seventh preliminary results of administrative review (POR7) for anti-dumping duties on tra fish fillets imported from Vietnam, said the Vietnam Trade Bureau in the US.

Under this decision, the DoC chose Bangladesh as the sole replacing country in calculating the anti-dumping rate and decided to impose a rate of US$0.00 per kg on Vietnam’s Vinh Hoan company and $0.03 per kg on 12 other companies.

Other companies will be given a tax rate of US$2.11 per kg.

The DoC decided on September 9, last year, that the tax rate for Vinh Hoan company stood at zero, while the duty for others surged 28 times from US$0.02 per kg to US$0.56 per kg.

The US House of Representatives on March 6 approved the draft law on new taxes imposed on imports worth millions of US dollars from China and other nations whose economies are regarded by the US as having no market status.

The DoC said these tariffs are put on 23 Chinese commodities and one Vietnamese commodity worth US$4.7 billion in import value per year.

Without interference from US Congress, the US will remove these tariffs in mid-March because a US federal court of appeal has recently ruled that the DoC has no legitimate right to imposing such anti-dumping taxes.

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