UN raises migrant abuse concerns

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The Global Migration Group (GMG) said it was deeply concerned about the welfare of international migrants, who are routinely subjected to human rights abuses.

The statement came after a meeting at the United Nations Office in Geneva on Thursday.

The GMG estimates there are tens of millions of migrants worldwide. It said there were more likely to face discrimination, exclusion, exploitation and abuse. It said they often faced prolonged detention or ill-treatment, and in some cases, enslavement, rape or even murder.

They are more likely to be targeted by xenophobes and racists, victimised by unscrupulous employers and sexual predators, and can easily fall prey to criminal traffickers and smugglers, the GMG said.

Children, especially those that are unaccompanied and separated, are particularly at risk, the GMG said. Furthermore, children are often banned from classrooms or denied their fundamental rights, even if their parents work and contribute to the economies of the host countries.

Migrants in an irregular situation are often denied even the most basic labour protection, personal security, and healthcare. Female migrants in these situations face greater risk of sexual exploitation, HIV transmission, gender based violence and discrimination.

The GMG called upon states to review the situation of migrants within their territories and to work towards ensuring that their laws and regulations conformed with international human rights standards. — VNS

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