Two million to take entrance exams

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Two million to take entrance exams

Nearly 2 million students will take university and college entrance exams from July 4-16, a drop of 116,115 applicants compared to last year, according to the Ministry of Education and Training.

Around 1.5 million apply for university admission and the rest for college.

The number of students registering for the maths, chemistry and physics exams accounts for 55.2 percent of the total applicants.

In addition, 19.4 percent will take the maths, chemistry and biology exam; 15.5 percent, the maths, literature and English exam; and 6.4 percent, the literature, history and geography exams.

The remaining students will take tests for other categories, according to the ministry's report.

Only 4.7 percent apply for social sciences; 6 percent for pedagogy; and 2.5 percent for the agriculture-forestry-fishery sector.

The ministry has allowed enrollment quotas for universities and colleges nationwide to rise 6.5 percent over the 2010-11 schoolyear. The enrolment quota for ministry-owned universities and colleges is 150,000.

Unlike the previous university and college entrance exams, students with disabilities and foreign students will not take university and college entrance exams.

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