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Dear readers,

We are gratified to note that many of you living in Vietnam and elsewhere have wholeheartedly supported us by taking Tuoitrenews’ recent survey.

We have also received some valuable suggestions along with the survey.

Le Truong Giang has some constructive comments: “I expect to see more readership interactivity, be it [in the form of] comments, debates … or even forums where I can share my views and learn.”

“Can we have an ‘English Study’ corner or micro-site? English is now a craze [in Vietnam].”

Brian Lamprell, who says he is a former radio and TV journalist, describes Tuoitrenews as being the closest to the international media there is in Vietnam.

“Generally thought you do an excellent job – up to date, fast, factual reporting,” he says. “Keep up the good work – you are the best media outlet in Vietnam.” Thank you, Brian!

Doan Minh Duc Loc writes in from the US to suggest Tuoitrenews should add a health column. “Health News is an attractive section that can grab women’s attention and that of guys who want to know more about the breakthroughs in the health field,” he says.

“Generally, people tend to read the all-in-one websites that give news about all fields. So I think you should care about this matter.”

A loyal reader, Tran Ngoc Vui, writes: “Overall, the contents of Tuoitrenews are interesting. However, it needs more columns. If the ‘Reading English Stories’ audio section is considered and well-arranged, it will inevitably appeal to readers, especially Vietnamese students who want to improve their English.”

American Tyler Watts, an expatriate living in Vietnam, says Tuoitrenews seems to be the only online news site in Vietnam that seems eager to get reader feedback and to connect with its readership.

“Having a page where expats like myself can sound off is a nice feature as well and it seems to have better topics then some of the ‘typical’ questions that other news sources always ask,” he says.

As promised, Tuoitrenews will announce the winners tomorrow. The first prize winner will get an I-phone 3GS, the second prize winner, a 500GB hard drive, and 10 others, each an 8GB USB.

Good luck and remember to check back for the results.

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