Trade Union to improve labourer protection capacity

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Trade Union to improve labourer protection capacity

(VOV) - International experience and practices in Vietnam show that improving the Trade Union’s capacity to represent workers is a key factor in preserving stability and harmony in labour relations.

Labour Union leaders hold talks in Hanoi PM calls for better protection of workers' rights

Vice President of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) Nguyen Van Ngang emphasized this at a seminar on the VGCL’s renovation initiatives to represent and protect workers, which was jointly held by the VGCL and the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

With ILO support, the VGCL has implemented two pilot programmes on renovating methods to organize trade union members and establishing trade union organizations at the grass-roots level, and strengthening the interaction between trade union organizations at all levels and labourers. The results of these activities are expected to create new models for reforming trade union operation and building harmonious labour relations in businesses. They will also help the VGCL effectively participate in completing the Labour Code in Vietnam.

Head of the ILO Office in Hanoi Gyorgy Sziraczki said the seminar marks an important milestone in Vietnam’s efforts to build harmonious labour relations, especially as Vietnam is transforming to a socialist-oriented market economy.

He said the ILO will help Vietnam popularize new methods to improve the VGCL’s role in labour relations.

Participants in the event discussed different issues such as renovating approaches, increasing trade union membership, establishing trade union organisations in industrial zones, improving their capacity to better represent and protect employees, and ways to improve the quality of collective labour agreements.

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