Top universities fail to enroll students

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Top universities fail to enroll students

VietNamNet Bridge – Two of the four international universities have been established in Vietnam under the new model, the first step of the ambitious plan to list Vietnamese universities among the world’s top 200 universities by 2020. However, this is still not enough to make experts confident in the feasibility of the plan which must be fulfilled in 10 years.

The opening ceremony of teh Hanoi University of Sciences and Technologies

Panning sand to look for gold dust

The Vietnam-Germany University (VGU), established on the basis of the cooperation between Vietnamese and German Governments, officially opened in March 2008. The university is planned to turn into the leading university and research centre in Vietnam which can meet international standards.

In the first academic year, the university planned to enroll 80 students for two majors, electrical technique and information technology. students, who wanted to register to study at the university, had to get at least 21 points in the university entrance exam.

In the end, the university had to start the first academic year with only 32 students.

In the second academic year, even though the university lowered its requirements (candidates only needed to get 17 points in the university entrance exam to be able to register at the school), only 28 students were enrolled.

In the 2010 academic year, a new recruitment method was used, as the university began to also consider candidates’ high school results. Finally, the school was able to admit 39 students in total, still far below the targeted figure of 60.

The same situation takes place at the Hanoi University of Sciences and Technologies which was established in accordance with the bilateral agreement between Vietnamese and French Governments.

The university began enrolling students from the 2010 academic year. In early September, it announced the plan to enroll 40 students. Those students who got 19 points from the university entrance exam, could register to study at the school.

However, very few students had registered by September 25, the deadline for registration. In order to attract more students, the university decided to lower the requirements: the students just needed to have 15 points

Nevertheless, as Nguyen Van Hung, Deputy President of the university, admitted, the lower requirements still did not help the school get enough students. Only 51 candidates applied, while only 30 students met the entry requirements

“The students, who entered the school this year, are not the best ones,” Hung admitted.

High tuitions keep students away

When asked why international universities still cannot attract students, an official of VGU said students must have be fluent in foreign languages to be able to follow the lecturersBesides, students do not have many choices when selecting study branches.

Another reason that the official mentioned was the high tuitions: students now have to pay $1500 per annum.

Since the university still does not have laboratories, students will have to spend six months or one year studying in Germany. Students have to pay expenses for the study time abroad, estimated at $500 per month. Therefore, even though many students really want to study at the school, they cannot afford it.

Hung from the Hanoi University of Sciences and Technologies also thinks that high tuition is a problem. The tuition level set for the school is also at $1500 per annum, but students only have to pay $750, while the other $750 are funded by the State.

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